I Talk Too Much!

I really intended this blog to be an interactive one – I post, people comment with their ideas, and we all learn from each other. I have veered from that idea by “talking too much.” I have posted but have not asked for your input. That changes as of today. This is YOUR blog as much as it is mine.

Please post a comment and tell us how you have found joy in your golden years. Have you started a new career, or a new project? How has things changed since you turned 60? What do you hope to achieve in the remaining years of your life? Is it just to enjoy life, or to start a new project of career?

I hope to spend the remaining years of my life writing and helping others, especially golden agers. I had pretty much given up on my life, thinking I would live the next 20 or so years (assuming I live that long) living just as I currently was. I looked at my life and decided it was miserably boring. I had no friends, nothing driving me, and was broke all the time. I decided if the next 20 years was going to be more of the same, I didn’t want it. I set about looking at how I could change things, and what my true values in life were.

Have you had a turning point? When or what was it? How had it (or will it) change your life? Please share with us so we can all learn from each other.

If I start talking too much and not giving my readers a chance, just nudge me with a reminder that you want your time as well.

PS: If you know of someone who might like this blog, feel free to share the link with them. It is:  https://nuggetsforthegoldenyears.wordpress.com/

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What to do About Down Days

Down days– we all have them. We can let them drag us down into an emotional pit, or we can use them to move forward. The down days are a necessity, and it sometimes seems they are more frequent as we get older. Some of it is physical, as our bodies are more easily tired than younger ones.

When we face a down day, we can turn it around into a good one. It is important to determine why the day occurred, if possible. Sometimes we may never know why it happened, but often, if we examine it closely, we will learn something about ourselves.

There are a number of causes of down days. It can be due to physical fatigue. Maybe you have been going non-stop without taking adequate rest times. Our bodies will tell us when we need to rest, but often we ignore it for too long. Then, we have a day when we are not able to keep going. If this is the case, then we need to just relax and let the day flow by. Rest, sleep, listen to beautiful music, read, or whatever else will relax you. Don’t feel guilty for stopping completely.

If you determine the down day is due to confusion about a decision, an economic crisis, or some other such difficulty, you should take time to work through the difficulty. If you feel there is no solution (at least not immediately) then give it some thought, plan some possible solutions, and then tell yourself to let it go until you can handle it.

If the down day is due to the fact you don’t know where you are going in life, it is time to examine your values and goals and make plans for how to handle your future. Knowing what you want out of life gives a certain peace.

So, if you have a down day today, as I am, determine why and handle it in the best way. Mine today is physical (I am home sick, feeling really old). I spent the morning just resting, with a blank mind, and now am trying to get up and deal with what I need to in order to feel better.

I am hoping you are having a great day, but if not, follow the suggestions for dealing with it, and I believe you will be able to turn it around.

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What Are You Going to Be When You Grow Up?

We have all been asked that question. Way, way back when. We probably have asked it many times to children of our acquaintance. But, have you been asked that question in the near past?  Probably not. It is a question, however, that you should ask yourself in the golden years.

What am I going to do when I grow up? I have asked myself that many times over the years. I once wrote about how I felt like an adolescent because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in life. I would think it was one thing, then decide I wanted to do something else.

Part of the reason I had so much trouble deciding what I wanted to do with my life is that I had not defined my mission and vision for life. These are based on your value system. You have to answer the question of what you really want from life. Is it financial ease? Is it prestige? Is it power? Is it the ability to help others? Is it family and home? A strong personal relationship with God?

All the above are important desires. They are of differing importance to each individual, however. For example, financial security (money) is important. But, is it the most important thing to you?  It may be or it may not be. Each person has to decide for themselves what is most important to them. Only in this way will they be satisfied with life decisions.

To determine what is most important to you, think about the values you have. What are your ten most important values? List them. These are not things you want, but things that you consider important to be a whole person. It should include things like honesty, compassion, philanthropy, spirituality, Christianity, education, and independence. Each person list of 10 things will be different. For today, get a sheet of paper or notebook and list your 10 most important values. Some more suggestions might include the following:

  • Achievement        
  • Caring
  • Confidence
  • Dependability
  • Discipline
  • Peacefulness
  • Personal fulfillment
  • Respect
  • Security
  • Self-reliance
  • Perseverance
  • Hope
  • Self-Actualization
  • Thankfulness
  • Wisdom
  • Kindness
  • Loyalty
  • Persistence
  • Health
  • Prosperity
  • Resourcefulness
  • Self-discipline
  • Faith
  • Fitness
  • Forgiveness
  • Fulfillment
  • Generosity
  • Good Humor

What are your 10 top values? List them now.

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Your Bucket List

I have obtained a website and am going to get moving toward advancing on my new journey, and hope to take many along with me. If I can help just one person who feels their life is about over and they haven’t accomplished what they wanted, it will be all worth it.

I have felt for a long time that I am at the end of my lifespan, and have not done all I want to do. I am not afraid to die – I am just not ready to do it yet. I have a lot of things I want to share with others. I want to help others, especially golden agers, make the most of their life. I also have a lot of things I want to do in my lifetime.

If you haven’t seen The Bucket List, rent it and watch it. It meant a lot to me, though some of the language is not what I approve. But, the idea was grand. I challenge you to make your bucket list.Here’s how to make your bucket list, if you haven’t seen the movie or heard of a bucket list. A bucket list is just a list of things you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Some may be reasonable, some may not. But, brainstorm – let your mind go and put whatever you feel on the list.

Some of the items on my bucket list include:

  • Get a book published by a conventional publisher
  • Get financial independent (fit)
  • Travel to every state in the United States (Hawaii and Alaska included)
  • Own a home by a lake with an office looking out over the lake.
  • Get physically fit.

Some of these are reasonable, and some may not be. This is not my entire list, just a portion to share. Some want to skydive (not me). Some want to climb a mountain (not me, though I would like to visit them again). Whatever you feel you want to do, put it on your list.

Feel free to share your lists in the comments section. I would love to see what some have on their lists.


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What Brings You Joy Right Now?

To get the most out of the golden years, we need to find what brings us joy. This may change from time to time. For example, in the child-rearing years, a sweet-smelling baby right after bath time may bring joy. Certainly a peacefully sleeping baby after a stint with colic brings its own form of joy. After the kids are grown, when careers are being furthered, a job promotion brings joy. So, too, does a job about which one is passionate.

To find true joy in the golden years, we must look at what gives us joy right now. We may think, “I have no joy right now.” This may be in part true, but more than likely there is something that gets you excited, that makes you want to do it again. It may be a movie you went to see, or a book you just read. Maybe it is spending time with a particular person. Whatever it is, decide what about that event brought you joy. Then, try to convert that into a new focus for your life.

As an example, I am currently working as an Americorps VISTA volunteer. It is 40 hours a week in an office.  Every morning, I get up excited to go to work. Why is this?  Because I get to research and write all day long. I get to write about subjects that interest me – helping others make the most of their talents and opportunities. This tells me that writing is what brings me joy. I already knew that, but this just brings home the idea that I can do it 40 hours a week and still get joy from it. 

Something else I have learned about myself is that I love volunteer work. Of course, I am a volunteer full time, but get a living allowance for that. Plus, the program I am involved with doesn’t allow for a lot of 1:1 contact. As part of our program, we are to volunteer in our community for up to 4 hours weekly. I have begun to do that, and have found out I love it. I feel especially validated in doing it.

What does this tell me about myself?  I need to focus on writing and helping others, and I need to find volunteer opportunities. My plans for Nuggets for the Golden Years involves not only this blog, but ebooks to benefit other Golden Agers, and eventually a life coaching program for Golden Agers. I am extremely excited to begin this journey in my life, and hope to build that same excitement in my readers.

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Making the Most of Our Golden Years

I am starting this blog so you can follow me through a couple of exciting projects that I am just beginning in my Golden Years. I just turned 65 (March 20) and am looking forward to making the next decade my best ever.

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