What to do About Down Days

Down days– we all have them. We can let them drag us down into an emotional pit, or we can use them to move forward. The down days are a necessity, and it sometimes seems they are more frequent as we get older. Some of it is physical, as our bodies are more easily tired than younger ones.

When we face a down day, we can turn it around into a good one. It is important to determine why the day occurred, if possible. Sometimes we may never know why it happened, but often, if we examine it closely, we will learn something about ourselves.

There are a number of causes of down days. It can be due to physical fatigue. Maybe you have been going non-stop without taking adequate rest times. Our bodies will tell us when we need to rest, but often we ignore it for too long. Then, we have a day when we are not able to keep going. If this is the case, then we need to just relax and let the day flow by. Rest, sleep, listen to beautiful music, read, or whatever else will relax you. Don’t feel guilty for stopping completely.

If you determine the down day is due to confusion about a decision, an economic crisis, or some other such difficulty, you should take time to work through the difficulty. If you feel there is no solution (at least not immediately) then give it some thought, plan some possible solutions, and then tell yourself to let it go until you can handle it.

If the down day is due to the fact you don’t know where you are going in life, it is time to examine your values and goals and make plans for how to handle your future. Knowing what you want out of life gives a certain peace.

So, if you have a down day today, as I am, determine why and handle it in the best way. Mine today is physical (I am home sick, feeling really old). I spent the morning just resting, with a blank mind, and now am trying to get up and deal with what I need to in order to feel better.

I am hoping you are having a great day, but if not, follow the suggestions for dealing with it, and I believe you will be able to turn it around.

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