Your Bucket List

I have obtained a website and am going to get moving toward advancing on my new journey, and hope to take many along with me. If I can help just one person who feels their life is about over and they haven’t accomplished what they wanted, it will be all worth it.

I have felt for a long time that I am at the end of my lifespan, and have not done all I want to do. I am not afraid to die – I am just not ready to do it yet. I have a lot of things I want to share with others. I want to help others, especially golden agers, make the most of their life. I also have a lot of things I want to do in my lifetime.

If you haven’t seen The Bucket List, rent it and watch it. It meant a lot to me, though some of the language is not what I approve. But, the idea was grand. I challenge you to make your bucket list.Here’s how to make your bucket list, if you haven’t seen the movie or heard of a bucket list. A bucket list is just a list of things you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Some may be reasonable, some may not. But, brainstorm – let your mind go and put whatever you feel on the list.

Some of the items on my bucket list include:

  • Get a book published by a conventional publisher
  • Get financial independent (fit)
  • Travel to every state in the United States (Hawaii and Alaska included)
  • Own a home by a lake with an office looking out over the lake.
  • Get physically fit.

Some of these are reasonable, and some may not be. This is not my entire list, just a portion to share. Some want to skydive (not me). Some want to climb a mountain (not me, though I would like to visit them again). Whatever you feel you want to do, put it on your list.

Feel free to share your lists in the comments section. I would love to see what some have on their lists.


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